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Design the perfect remembrance for your beloved companion
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The perfect memorial headstone for your beloved pet

There's a special bond between a human and their companion; unexplainable to those who have never experienced it.

Here at Loving Companion Memorials, we understand your mourning.

The loss of a loved one is never easy -- designing an extraordinary memorial will help you process your sorrow. Our pet memorial stones are an elegant tribute to your dearly departed.
We delicately engrave each pet memorial stone to last a lifetime and beyond. These memorial stones are beautiful and, because you designed it, incredibly unique -- just like your companion.

Our Living Memorials provide our own personal and unique way of showcasing your love, by growing flowers at the heart of the stone, and placing candles in it as tribute.

This is only available from Loving Companion Memorials.

Our mission is to acknowledge your loss and honor your companion, while preserving the sacred bond you both share.

Living Memorial Plaque - Heart 9" with Carving

"You Left a Hole in my Heart".  Our carefully crafted heart memorial plaque is perfect for honoring your dearly departed pet. Its elegance and craftsmanship helps it blend beautifully into your garden while showcasing your loved one. We delicately engrave your words as well as picture.   The purpose of the carved...

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