7 Quick cool freezer treats for your Dogs!

  1. Frozen Yogurt

Make sure first that the yogurt you get is naturally sweetened and flavoured. It can be plain or fruit flavoured. On a parchment covered cookie sheet freeze dollops. You can also freeze the mini yogurt container if you have a large dog. It's probiotics are great for digestion. When first feeding yogurt to your dog, take it slow at first. some dog's are also lactose intolerant just like humans beings.

2.Freezie Baby Food

Baby food are loved by many dogs, just do not forget that it should not contain onion or onion powder because it is toxic for them. For a cool little treat, freezing it in a mini muffin cup will surely be so enjoyable for your dogs.

3.Cool Bites,Hot Dog

toss in a Ziplock a hot dog cut into little rounds then freeze. For summer outings, these are great to bring along or give this to your dogs as high value treats as well!

  1. Frozen Liver

In a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper, place the little bite-sized pieces of chiken or beef liver. Once it is frozen, Keep it in the freezer placed in a ziplock bag . Dogs love so much liver but they should be feed with it sparingly, maybe 1 or 2 pieces daily. Liver is the body's filtration system, antibiotics and hormones will be very concentrated here, so buying organic liver for your dogs or for you is always better!

  1. Cottage Cheese Cooler

A low fat vareity is recommended. You can make little popsicles of it by mixing a spoonful of cottage cheese into a beef broth or no-sodium then in an ice cube tray freeze it. Also on a parchment coated cookie sheet, you can freeze little dollops. At first feed it sparingly and observe how your dog handles dairy.

  1. Frozen Egg

Including the shell and all, blender it all until smooth. The shell is a very good source of calcium! An ice cube tray will do, now freeze it there. Feed this only once a day for your dogs. Too much of this can hinder your dogs proper nutrient absorption.

  1. Organic Chicken Broth Popsicle

Put a low-sodium or better a no sodium chiken or beef broth in an ice cube tray then freeze. Now you have a hot weather treat for your dog! If you have some left over meat in your fridge you can add it up on the broth to jazz it up more. Try also stuffing up the frozen broth in a kong or any stuffable toy, that'll sure be so enjoyable for your dogs!