Our Story

It all started with Grace, a sixteen year old with an aspiration to make a difference, and an established business woman, Lynn, with a desire to help others.

Throughout her childhood, Grace developed many relationships with her beloved pets. However, these companionships ultimately ended in heartbreak at the end of their lives. Over time, she noticed that the large sites selling pet memorials seemed to offer an insensitive experience and overpriced products. The uniqueness she wished for her pets was simply not available. Finally, Grace determined that with the right resources, she could create something meaningful for pet lovers everywhere. 

Unsure how she wanted to accomplish this, she was approached by Lynn with an offer to start her own company, surrounding her ideal of a personalized and sentimental memorial. With hard work, dedication, and help from Lynn, she made her ambition a reality.

We hope that this devotion reflects in our care towards creating the perfect memorial for your pet, as it is our belief that they deserve the best.

Our Mission

Here at Loving Companion Memorials, we understand your mourning, although those around you might not. Our motivation to create these perfect tribute memorials is derived from the personal experiences of our very own staff. From a childhood best friend, to a comrade in adulthood, we've experienced it all. We sincerely hope that our memorials will make it easier to endure your pain.

Our mission is to acknowledge your loss and honor your pet, while preserving the sacred bond you both once shared.