Cat diabetes

Just like humans, cats may also suffer from diabetes. Just like how humans suffer from diabetes, they also experience incontrollable blood sugar levels. What is more unfortunate about this condition is the fact that this is an incurable condition.

Diabetes in Cats

The escalating cases of of diabetes most often happen in cats that are aged over seven years old. There are two types of diabetes mellitus or sugar diabetes that exist.

The first type of diabetes happens when there is an insufficient production of insulin. Insulin is produced by the pancreas. The second type of diabetes happens when cells cannot suffice to provide adequate response to insulin.

Diabetes is actually an inherited type of disease that is genetically transmitted in cats just like how it works in humans. They inherit it from their parents and some environmental factors. Some of these are factors such as obesity, viral infections, and much more which can contribute ti diabetes.

How to Treat of Diabetes

The first type of diabetes can be treated through insulin injections. The second type of diabetes can be treated by using low carbohydrate diet and other treatments can also require hypoglycaemic drugs.

How to Prevent Diabetes in Cats

Preventing diabetes is best done by avoiding to breed diabetic cats together. Since diabetes is inherited genetically, it is best if two diabetic cats are not bred together. It is also good to ensure that the cats would not become overweight by avoiding to feed your cats with food or treats that may contain high amounts of sugar.

These are just some of the things that you probably need to know about diabetes of cats. These are just some of the things on how your cats may suffer from diabetes. they also suffer from diabetes which are experienced by humans. So at the end of the day, it is of great importance not to neglect these symptoms.

It is important to take care of your cats just like how to take care of people. Their health is in need of a lot of attention. The symptoms should be taken cared of carefully in order to check if your cat is suffering from it or not.