Cats: Why do they love catnips so much?


Have you ever seen your cat get crazy about catnips? Do you find it cute when you see them close their eyes and enjoy the feeling of rubbing their face on it? Or are you one of those people who find it weird to see a cat feel the pleasure when they stick their face on a catnip?

Do you ever wonder how this crazy feeling turns your cat into something so vulnerable yet so sweet and cute? Catnips are just equated to happiness for a cat. Want to know why? Let us find out why they go crazy in love with catnips.

What are catnips?

A catnip is a relative of an oregano and spearmint. It is also known for its scientific name which is called Nepeta Cataria. Nepeta Cataria is just a common type of plant which you can surely see everywhere. Most likely, you can see them even along the side of high ways, or probably along the side of the road.

However, you should be mindful that you should not feed any catnip wherever strange place you might see it. These catnips might be full of pesticides and other chemicals which may cause harmful effects for your cat.

The Scientific Explanation

Well, there is a scientific explanation to this habit of cats in getting fond of catnips. Did you know that this sensitivity to catnips is actually hereditary? Yes. Cats do have this type of gene which makes them feel sensitive when they see or feel a catnip. This is actually a hereditary response to the chemical which is called nepetalactone.


When the scent of the catnips enter the nasal passages of the cat, it bends to the olfactory receptors of the cat found in its nose. It then stimulates the brain's sensory receptors. When you see your cat getting hyped when they touch and feel a catnip, you should not be shocked about it. Because you know what, what you see in their gestures is actually scientifically what their sensors and their receptors actually tell them to do.

This complete sensory overload with a catnip is a feeling that they actually lvoe. It is not an abnormal reaction of a cat. Every cat in this world has this sensory feeling to catnips. this is triggered by their cat pheromones which makes their senses turn into overloaded sensory nerves.

What should you do?

The only thing that you should remember is that you have to give them a nip every now and then. Expose them to catnips and you will be giving them a pleasurable treat. But you also have to keep in mind that when you give them this treat, you should also provide them a lone time for them to enjoy their sensitivity.

They deserve this kind of treat so give them some spare time to spend it while they enjoy the feeling of having a catnip with them. It is an essential factor to keep your cat happy. So do this every once in a while or if possible, you can do it everyday.