Dog flu


Did you know that canine fluenza originated in horses? This type of influenaa is actually commonly knows as dog flu. If you are a pet owner who has a dog,  then you should be cautious about this type of flu since this is a highly infectious type of virus.

What is a Canine Influenza?

Dog flu is a type of virus which is caused by dog flu. This is an Influenza Type A which is also known as H3N8. It was also found in racing greyhounds in the United States of America. It has been transmitted accross different species which is called equine influenza and was transferred to dogs.

This influenza is a highly infectious disease which can cause a lot of respiratory problems. The unfortunate thing about influenza is the symptoms can appear from one until three days. This type of virus can be transmitted through inhalation of some virus from the atmosphere.

So a lot of people should be cautious about how this may affect your dogs. It would be of great importance to help your dogs avoid this type of disease. Guess what? It is your primary reponsibility to take the task of helping them to get rid of influenza.

What are the Symptoms of Canina Influenza?

If you are wondering what are the symptoms of influenza, then you should not worry about it anymore as we would help you how to trace what are these so you may clearly observe it if this happens to your dogs.

First of all, one of the common symptoms of influenza are your dog would feel lethargic, dry cough, depressed, and they may even develop an extreme coughing. They may also suffer from high fever, lack of apetite, high temperature, rapid heavy breathing, cloudy or green discharge from the nose, they may also suffer from having discharge from their eyes.

What are the Treatments of Canine Influenza?

Because of the infectious nature of any dog who might be suffering from the risks of influenza, you might get confused of what should be done about their case. However, the first thing that you can do is to isolate them and make sure that they would have enough rest. You do not have to worry much because as long as you are giving them enough rest, they may recover at least after two to three weeks at least.

But the thing that you should be cautious about is the threat of lung damage. This can be caused by influenza itself which is dangeroud for your dogs.

What can you do to Prevent Canine Influenza?

Up until today, there is still no vaccine available in order to purely avoid influenza. However, in the United Kingdom, vaccination is not the primary problem that their dogs may suffer. But on the other hand, in the United States of America, a vaccination against the risks of influenza is available.