Five breeds of cats that act just like dogs


A lot of people think that a cat could be aloof but independent. But right now, the list that were going to give you might actually blow up your mind as we show you a different perspective in looking at a cat.

Here is a rundown of some of the cats that act as if they are dogs:


According to PawCulture, a perfect type of cat that are accustomed to the presence of dogs are the Abyssinian cats. This type of cat breed loves to dwell with water unlike the average household cats that you have seen. What is more exciting about this cat breed is that they love to play fetch just like how dogs are in love with this game. They love to play with their favorite toys and they would like you to play fetch with them. Amazing, right?

But of course, there might be some drawbacks despite these amazing things about abyssinian cat breeds. If you want a pet that you could jsut leave at home because of your busy schedule, then the abyssinian cat is not likely the best choice of pet that you could have. They need more attention just like dogs, and they might turn very depress just like how dogs can be when left at home all alone.


If you are a person who is preoccupied with tons of work, the most ideal type of cat that you can have at home is a ragdoll cat. A ragdoll cat got its name from its mannerism and habits when you pick them up. Observe how a ragdoll acts when you pick them up, they would just suddenly turn limp and act as if they are ragdolls. What is more fascinating about them is the fact that they can easily cope up with the presence of dogs and other cats.

They would surely not dwell in fighting or hating other pets that you have most especially your dogs. if you have tons of epts, then they are really ideal to add up on your bucket list of must haves pets.


One of the best cat breeds for people who love dogs is a bobtail cat. This type of cat is undeniably intelligent and loving. These are some of the qualities why people love to have a dog. But what is nice about bobtail cats is that they also possess these types of characters.

They are really popular of being a dog-like type of cat. They are also ideal for households with a large family because they can deal well with chaotic and loud types of environment compared to other types of cat breeds. Therefore, if you have a lot of children, they can surely love the American Bobtail cat.


One of the types of cat breeds that is in on our list is the bombay cat. A bombay cat is known for its capabilities in being trained just like how puppies can undergo in leash trainings. You will be amazed on how bombay cats love to play catch. This type of cat breed always love to make new ways in making the household happy by entertaining the people whom these cats live with. This cat could be a perfect and ideal type of cat for owners who used to have a dog at home.


One of the most popular type of cat that is really known for its dog-like behaviors is the maine coon cat. This type of cat breed has one of the largest breeds of domesticated cats in the world. As a matter of fact, female maine coon cats weigh around ten to 14 pounds. While male maine coon cats weigh around 12 to 18 pounds. Sounds quite heavy for a cat, right? If you love a type of cat that would be playful and devoted to you, then this is the perfect breed for you.

But just expect that they may be quite shy and reserved to the people who are strangers to them such as for some visitors and guests. They also require more attention especially when it comes to their coats because of its thickness. Therefore, it needs a lot of brushing every now and then.