How much does it cost to have a pet?


Having dogs at home has a lot of benefits. It can give you a solid companionship, it can provide you with love, it can release you negative energies, and it can even give you a good health. Are you thinking about taking care of a dog?

Well, if you do, you might be thinking about the expenses or how much would it cost you to have one. Do not worry too much about how much would it cost as it is still a good way to help you in so many levels.

Having a Dog from the shelter

Having a dog can give you a lot of benefits. It is a pet that will give you the love that you need. But the most might be too much as well.

If you want to save a dime, you can surely adopt a dog from the shelter. There are actually a lot of dogs out there that needs shelter. You can adopt one from the shelter with just an amount of less than a $100.

However, according to studies, having a dog means there are also some prerequisites that are needed to be done. Not to mention of how much it would cost in a year for the expenses that would be required for taking care of them.


A study was conducted by WalletHub on how much could it cost you in taking care of your pets every year. According to their studies, taking care of your dog can cost you about $2000 every year. However, no matter how much would it cost to take care of the dog, the experience of having one could be priceless.

Imagine the benefits that you can get in taking care of a dog. You can have a lot with all the love, the care, and the sweetness that you can get from a dog. Having a dog is just priceless compared to the amount of expenses that you have to pay for in the long run.

Meanwhile, if you are a person who is fond of cats, you can actually save a little bit compared to the maintenance that taking care of a dog requires. You can save but not that much. WalletHub says that you might want to prepare about $1320 every year for the litter, for the food, and even for veterinary visits.


For people who are planning to have a pet whether it is a dog or a cat, expect to make some expenses out of your budget because of the following: veterinary care, toys, treats, and even for the food. According to a study that was researched by american Pet Products Association, the figures show that Americans could spend $63 billion each year.

On the other hand, American society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals also said that one of the biggest factors why animals just end up in shelters is because of the high maintenance cost of having a pet. In a study that they conducted, the survey showed that some major reasons also include the incapacity of pet owners to provide and afford medical care for their pets. Another major reason is their difficulty of looking for a pet-friendly housing.