How to help your dog with depression


Having your pet diagnosed with depression can be quite alarming. If you do not know what else to do about it, it is best to treat them with the help of a veterinarian. Always seek the best advice in order to treat their depression. However, there are still some ways for you to get rid of this problem. You can make alternative ways in order for you to help your pet get rid of depression or maybe just get over it.

Make A Daily Routine For Your Dog

Making a daily schedule for your dog increases the level of their participation in doing some activities. As you make these daily routine every single day, you are giving them something to look forward to the next day. Giving them the time to have a time for having fun can actually help them forget about their depression. But of course, just like humans, they do not just forget about depression in an instant. This is a matter of mental health. Therefore, it takes quite a long process in order to help your pet get over it.

So give them a break and make sure to provide some enjoyable activities so that they can release their energy of depression towards playing, having fun, or by simply taking a walk. These are just some of the activities that you can do with them to translate their negative energies into something positive. This has a positive effect for their mind and body as this type of activities and daily routine can lessen anxiousness for your dogs.

Encourage Your Dog To Engage In Fun Activities

This is the perfect time to give your dog the moral support. This time is really depressing for them so it is really helpful if you cheer them up just like how they cheer you up during the time when you are feeling down or when you are having a bad day. Make an effort to help them get rid of their depression as how they help your forget about your problems when they cheer you up and make some cuddles whenever they feel that you need it.

Do not just give up because of how your pet acts differently now. Make sure to do the things that they used to enjoy and love. Play fetch, or walk around the park, maybe run together, or meet new dogs outside. They need more encouragement to participate in different activities right now. Giving them a treat by taking them to a new environment can also help them have a good time as well. It can be really refreshing for them.

Just by simply cuddling with your pet can also be really helpful for them. Pet them on their different body parts to comfort them from the depression that they are currently going through.

Work On Some Basic Training Exercises

It may be a little bit far out to give them some exercise activities at the time when they feel low. However, just keep trying and do the things that you usually do with them. For example, practice those basic training exercises that you usually do with them. It can give them life as you encourage and help them. They will feel that you are doing the same routine just like how you used to do it with them before. One factor of their depression is the feeling that their owner is not giving them much time. They might feel low because they have the feeling of being unloved. Well then, this is the perfect time for you to show your love for your dog.