How to socialize your adult or older dog with other dogs

Socializing your dog is a good factor for you to develop their social skills. It gives a huge impact on the way how they react and on the way how they handle their lives. Helping them overcome this element is also helping them how to behave and how to interact with other dogs and other people.

Take Your Dog Out to Observe

One thing that you can surely do as an exercise to check the social ills of your dog. The first thing that you should do is take your dog to the dog park, however, you should not go in yet. all you have to do is just observe first. You should not just observe the surroundings but also your dog as well.

How's the behavior of your dog whenever another dog tends to pass by or come closer?

Every time a dog comes nearer to you and your dog, this is a chance for you to give your dog a treat. This will help your dog get a positive response whenever a dog is coming closer. Your dog will have a positive association towards other dogs.

Resist Tugging While Walking

One of the common mistakes that we tend to do when we take our dogs for a walk is probably shouting at them whenever they tend to go astray and howl at other dogs.

But did you know that in order to avoid this from happening again, what you can do is to say " Watch me" and then praise your dog by giving them a treat for paying attention to you?

This way, this will reinforce seeing other dogs as a positive experience. Just distract your dog and compliment him.

Socializing an Adult Dog with Humans

The basic thing that you can do in order to help your dog socialize is by socializing your dog with your family. This will be easier since they are family members. However, you just need some patience if ever your dog does not want to socialize with them. All you need to do at this moment is listening to the mantra of patience is a virtue.

As you probably have noticed, dogs and humans surely differ in a lot of aspects most especially when it comes to language. However, if you want to understand your dog and if you want them to understand you, you should train them by talking to them.

Calling them by their names is a good start as well. Definitely, as time goes by, you two would meet halfway to understand each other.

Introduce People Slowly

Introducing other people to your dog is a good start for them to socialize. However, just be sure to introduce one person at a time. Or at least one person every week. Just instruct those people to give your dog a treat whenever they see your dog. Talking in a low, calm, and an encouraging manner can also help your dog.