How to take care of newborn kittens and their mother

One of the most challenging and most enjoyable time in taking care of your cat is seeing them have their own babies and seeing those cute, little kittens.

This is the period in which you may ask yourself what are the things that should be done in order to help your cat raise her kittens and how to keep them healthy after the giving of the birth process.

But do not be too worried because we will help you answer your questions in this articles.


The first thing that you should be aware of is the fact that during the first to two weeks of age of the newborn kittens are the most critical period or most crucial time for them. It is also applicable for mother cat. Therefore, this is the time where your help is very much needed.

This time is the most crucial moment for the kittens to rapidly grow and develop. On the other hand, this is also the time for the queen to show some symptoms of the postpartum problems or excessive hemorrhage.

So this is the perfect time for you to help mother cat and her baby kittens. What you can do for them is to keep them in a quiet place in your house. It is also of great importance to keep their place warm enough.


As a pet owner, you should know that chilling is one of the most crucial threats of danger to your kittens. But with the help of the mother kitten, let her set the pace for the need of your attention.

If you are wondering if your cat would let you take a visit to her and her newborns, then the question can only be answered by you as well.

If your cat has been staying with you for a long period of time, and if she has been a resident of your home long enough, then you should not worry too much as she may welcome your visits.

However, if you just rescued the cat and adopted her, be careful not to cross the boundaries. The mother cat may prefer that you should stay away from her little kittens most of the time. But if you feel like they are comfortable enough with your presence, then let your instincts guide you.

Just make sure to keep in mind that you should be cautious and first observe the behavior of the mother kitten.

Health Threats to Kittens

Another period of time which your newborn kittens can be so vulnerable to sickness is during six to eight weeks. There are some problems that can cause death to them.

Some of the categories which can be a threat to their health are the following: infectious diseases such as diseases caused by parasites, some certain congenital diseases or most commonly known as diseases that they already have from birth, and lastly, they may also suffer from respiratory infections.

So during this period of time, it is important to take them to the vet clinic for a checkup just to make sure that they are strong and healthy enough.