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Is your dog depressed?


Just like people, dogs can suffer from depression too. But how would you know? Dogs are actually quite mysterious in some ways, but you would surely know when something may not be going right.

As dogs suffer from depression, it is unlike how people suffer from it. There are just some instances in which you can feel that they are not feeling well. There are non specific signs that you might observe. You can notice this for a week or even two. But this might not be considered as a medical condition. They are not suffering from fever, colds, or something. They just feel depressed.

What are the causes of a dog's depression?

One of the main reasons why a dogs might feel depressed is when you have a family member who is gone or not around. Or for instance, if a dog loses its owner, this is what triggers them to feel depressed. While for others, if the dogs are tend to be given to others for adoption, even if they have already spent years with their owner, they might feel terrible too.

Even in normal situations such as having a new baby, or maybe moving to another home can actually cause this problem. But you do not have to worry because they just need some time to adjust. What you can do for them is to give them enough attention to make them feel that they are still loved. just like how humans would probably react, they can feel jealousy at times as well which results to depression.

Decreasing Appetite

One of the common symptoms that your pet is suffering from depression is their loss or decrease of appetite.

If they are not medically sick, then your dogs might be emotionally depressed. You can notice this easily by observing their food intake. If they are eating twice in a meal, and they suddenly cannot finish eating one plate in a meal, then there is probably something wrong. Be careful in observing them as they eat because this is one of the most blatant signs of their depression.

If you can also notice how rampant this happens every now and then, it is also important to keep in mind that they should be checked up by a veterinarian. Loss of appetite can be a sign of some ailments or any medical conditions for your dog. So it is best to bring them to the doctor to be safe.

Decreasing Interest in Doing some Activities

If you have noticed that your dog is feeling lazy and they just tend to sleep the whole day, this might already be a sign of depression. If this does not naturally happen to your dog because of its hyper activities, then take the initiative to take care of them well and to give them the necessary attention.

But one good reason why they are doing this is because of getting old. As time passes by, they would feel quite lesser energetic than they used to be. This is normal for all kinds of dogs and even other animals. They just lose the energy to play, to run around the yard, or play with you. But you can still take them to a walk. But it would not be as much as how they can do it when they were still young and wild.

Decreased Interactions with Owners and Other People

Another blatant symptom of depression is when your dog tends to stay away from you and everybody else. They would rather just sleep the entire day than to dwell with people. They even have the tendency not to greet the owner, and even other family members like they used to do. They would prefer to stay in a room, or just sleep the whole day. They just do not have the energy to do something productive or playful.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that may show that your dog might be suffering from depression. Just like how humans need attention when they feel depressed, they need equal and more understanding in order to help them get over it. Observe your pets carefully as they may even suffer from more life risks with the aforementioned signs of depression.