Should you get a second dog?

One of the things that you should probably consider and think about when the concept of getting the second dog comes up is, of course, thinking about how your first dog would feel.

As a dog or pet owner, you might be thinking that the more the pets are, the merrier it would be. This is possibly true in any cases, however, there might be a different reaction from your first dog. This is a big decision that may affect not only your life but the original dog's life too!

Is your First Dog Ready to have a New Housemate?

The first thing that you should consider is the notion of how your first dog would feel and react if there is another dog in your home? Is he ready for it?

When observing how your dog would probably feel, the first thing that you should keep in mind is the temperament of your dog towards other dogs around. Can you consider the thing that he can get along with other dogs? Have you ever tried to bring another dog inside your house?

If your dog has a history of fighting other dogs who enter your home, then this might not be a good sign. If your dog has some symptoms of dog to dog aggression, then adding a new housemate for your dog could be a bad idea.

Training your Dogs

However, if you are still planning to have a second dog, and you are in the urge of adding a new one, then it is of great importance to seek a specialist or dog trainer or behaviorist in order to help your original dog cope up with the new housemate dog.

Another good question that you should ask yourself is an important element. Is your dog well trained? If your dog is not, then you might be getting your hands full with a new dog. This means that you have to take a time to train your original dog and then the second dog. Next, you have to train the two dogs together. This could surely mean a lot of work. This is because of the idea that not being able to train one dog is bad enough. But not being able to train two dogs could be worse and could even mean chaos.

Behavioral Problems

Another thing that you should consider is the behavior problems of your dog. Do you think that your original dog has a major behavioral problem?

Does your original dog litter everywhere, or does he have a habit of excessive barking? Or maybe dies he have a separation anxiety? Or maybe he could be suffering from too much eating your things whenever he gets stressed?

Not being able to solve such behavioral problems of your original dog could turn you troubled over time. This should already be a thing that you should consider before getting another one. Adding a new dog at home could just worsen your life most especially if they do not like each other. They could fight during meal times, or they could just fight over the bed. They could even fight over you.

So ask yourself one more time, are you ready to have a new dog?