Potential problems for your cat after giving birth

It is an unavoidable circumstance for your queen mother cat to suffer from different problems after giving birth. Here are some of the things that you should be cautious about as these things may put your mother cat to risk.

  1. Mastitis

The first type of problem that a mother queen cat may suffer from is Mastitis. This is the condition in which the mammary gland of mother cat gets an infection. This is because of the condition in which there is a heavy production of milk from the breast of mother cat but the breast milk tends to be retained.

The nipples of mother cat can be observed to be swollen and surprisingly hot. With some bruising, the mother cat tends to refuse to allow the newborn kittens to nurse from her.

Mastitis is a condition which needs the immediate action of a veterinarian. Therefore, if you can observe that your queen cat is suffering from this type of illness, then it is necessary to get your queen cat checked in a veterinary clinic.

On the other hand, instead of nursing the cats by breastfeeding, you can start to train your cats to be hand fed until mother cat recovers.

  1. Hypocalcemia

Another type of the dangerous conditions that mother cat can suffer from is hypocalcemia. Hypocalcemia is a health condition which is also commonly known as that thing called "milk fever." Milk fever can be a rre condition for cats. However, this can happen due to the lack of calcium during the pregnancy of mother cat or during the nursing period.

If you can observe your cat to stagger, seizure, or suffer from muscle tremors, excessive panting, and restlessness, then mother cat could be in danger from the condition of milk fever.

Just like the first condition, this also needs the attention and medication from a doctor. This also calls for hand feeding for the newborn kittens until mother cat fully recovers from her mild fever illness.

  1. Endrometitis

Lastly, the serious condition that mother cat could suffer from after giving birth is the condition which is called endrometitis. Endrometitis is a serious type of infection in the uterus of the mother cat. You cannot notice this immediately right after queen cat's period of birth giving because you can observe that she would have a normal genital drainage. However, you can notice this later on when there is a foul smell in the discharge of mother cat.

If you have observed this in the mother cat, then it calls for an immediate action in a veterinary clinic. Your mother cat needs to be given the proper medication with the help and assistance of a doctor. With this condition, there is a proper treatment and mother cat should be hospitalized to get the proper treatment.

It can cause mother kitten to suffer from loss of milk production, fever, and it may also include lethargy.

These are just some of the medical and health conditions in which mother cat may suffer from. Therefore, as a pet owner, you should be aware of these circumstances.

Be vigilant and observe every symptom if these happens to your queen mother cat. Bring her to the doctor immediately if ever that something like the aforementioned conditions happen.