Senior dogs suffering from arthritis

Just like humans, dogs grow old too. The only difference is that they have a shorter life expectancy than humans. However, they can also suffer from the same diseases or ailments just like humans. They can suffer from cancer, or heart attack.

Suffering from Arthritis

Yes, dogs can also suffer from arthritis. This could be really painful for them as their joints become degenerative most especially when your dog is on their senior stage of years. This is commonly happens to large types of dog breeds such as Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd Dogs, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands, and other type of huge dog breeds. They are more exposed to the risk of arthritis because of their size.

But dogs of any size whether they are too small or too large can surely suffer from aching joints. All dogs can develop and suffer from this type of ailment.

Signs that they Suffer from Arthritis

There are plenty of signs which only mean that your dog could be suffering from arthritis. One of these things is when your dog seems to be reluctant to get up. They could possibly be suffering whenever they hesitate going up or down by the stairs. They feel too much pain that they are not even willing to jump anymore or climb out of the car, or maybe they already feel stiff whenever they just simply stand.


This could be a serious problem for your dog. It is best to bring them to the veterinarian to check the status of how they feel. It is of great importance to give them the right medical attention in order for them to get rid of this kind of pain that they are feeling. Just like humans, they feel the pain of arthritis too.

One of the most common aid for arthritis is the NSAIDs or non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They might be effective for the arthritis of your dogs, but be aware of some side effects as well.

Side Effects

Yes, just like how the medications could work for the human body, it could also work that way for dogs too. As you give them a certain medication for arthritis, be mindful of their liver and kidneys. These body organs of the dogs are the most susceptible from being at risk as they take some medications. Make sure that your veterinarian takes proper tests before even giving the medicine just to make sure that it is appropriate for your dog’s body.

There can be some signs of the side effects such as diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and lethargy. These are just some of the adverse effects of the medication. So it is important to be brave enough to face these circumstances and immediately ask your vet about the possible side effects so that you would know the symptoms if your dog suffers from it or not.

Other Alternative Things You can Do

Of course, your dogs need your help in order to get over this painful arthritis that they are going through. It is important that you should be aware of the alternatives in order to help your dogs become normal again.

Acupuncture, weight loss, and massage can be some of the great options that you can have. If your dog is chubby, it is important for them to lose some weight. This relieves the pain of arthritis. While acupuncture is also a good thing to ease the pain of arthritis. This is a Chinese medicinal treatment which is proven for humans. Massage can also relieve the pain as it helps relaxes the muscles of your dogs.