Taking care of newborn kittens

There are plenty of ways in order for you to take care of your baby kittens. However, if you still have a lot of questions in your mind, then we can surely enlighten you about the things that you should do in order to take care of your newborn kittens.


  1. The Nursery

In order to give your newborn kittens and their mother a perfect place where they can feel comfortable, you might be in need of a large box. You can also assure that they will be kept in place safely with this. It is also of great importance to consider a place that is quiet because this is what the mother kitten would prefer.


You can also keep a litter box for the mother kitten nearby. Also, make sure to keep some water bowls close enough to give the mother cat an easier time to provide her personal needs. It is also necessary as well to feed mother cat a high-quality food which will giver her more milk for breastfeeding her newborn babies.


  1. Nursing Newborn Kittens

Another element that you should be reminded with is the ways on how to nurse newborn kittens.


Just to give you the awareness, each kitten will have their own territory even in their mother's breast. Each kitten will choose their own breast or teat where they can figure out their own scent.


These kittens will be looking for their mother's milk and they will consume about two to three hours each day. Imagine if your cat has eight newborn kittens. Therefore, mother cat would need a lot of nutrients to suffice the needs most especially the health of her newborn kittens.


The kittens who thrice will surely develop in a fast pacing. They will noticeably develop a fat tummy and you can also observe that they are sleeping peacefully.


  1. Elimination

Another element that should be kept in mind is the process of elimination. Elimination is meant to be the elimination of their waste done by the mother cat. However, without the presence of mother cat, as the pet owner, you have the role to do this on behalf of the mother cat.


The usual process of elimination done by mother cat is through licking the anal and the abdominal areas of the kittens. On behalf of mother kitten, you can surely help them eliminate their waste by using a warm and damp wash cloth. Wipe the waste away by using this cloth.


  1. Development of Newborn Kittens


For three day old kittens, their eyes would start to open. During this time, their umbilical cord would also start to fall off as well. But their nervous systems are not yet fully developed after three days from being given birth. This causes them to twitch as they sleep. But you should not be worried because this is just normal.


While for seven to fourteen-day-old kittens, they will start to crawl around. This will also be the time in which they will start to attempt to stand on their own. At this point, they will also start to develop growing their teeth as you can feel the tiny nubs in their mouth.


After three weeks, your kittens will already be starting to walk around. They will also dwell in actively playing the whole time. At this point of time, you might want to introduce them to wet food. However, they will still be looking for a breast milk from mother kitten.


It is also of great importance to train them and to introduce them to their litter box. This is the perfect time for you to teach them where should they properly litter.