The gestation period of cats

Cats can never avoid getting pregnant. It is just a part of every living organism's cycle as it is. So if you find out that your cat has been impregnated by some male cats out there, do not over react too much. You can still do something for your soon to be mother cat.

There might be a lot of questions that tend to float inside your head. Some of these questions might be things such as how many kittens would your cat give birth to, or probably when will she give birth to these new little kittens?

How many kittens do cats can give birth to?

Well, this can be a tough question. Did you know that your cat can give birth to cute little kittens who have different fathers? Yes, that is really right. Your cat can give birth to little kittens regardless of how many fathers are there or who could be the one responsible for getting her impregnated.

But a mother cat can have a capacity of one kitten up to eight kittens when it comes to giving birth. But usually, the average of kittens that a mother cat can give is about five kittens.

But if you want to know the exact answer, well, you can get your mother cat to take a visit at a veterinarian's clinic. Your vet can surely give you an accurate headcount by palpating the abdomen of the mother cat.

When will mother cat give birth to these new little kittens?

The gestation period of your mother cat can be easily figured out. Of course, it does not take too long unlike humans who have a pregnancy period with an average of nine months.

For cats, it can be quite faster for them to give birth regardless of how many heads are inside their womb.

Typically, this type of pregnancy period runs approximately about 57 up to 69 days. However, the average time period runs about 63 days to 64 days.

When do female cats get pregnant?

Well, if you want to breed your female cat with another cat, it can be quite easy to figure out.

Once you have gotten your female cat breed with another male cat, it usually takes about 25 until 35 days after their mating time. This is the time when your cat could be possibly pregnant.

But in order for you to make sure, one good type of checking if your cat is already pregnant or not is by letting your cat undergo the process of ultrasound just to verify its pregnancy. IT can also be a good time for you to check if how many embryos are there inside so you can have a heads up of how many new little kittens are you about to welcome in the world.

Having your cat get impregnated can be quite scary. It is just like taking care of newborn babies. We might get really nervous at times but the most important thing is embracing these newborn cat babies to the world.