Top 5 most expensive cat breeds in the world


Having some pets around your home is just an amazing thing. Being with them is actually what makes the world become even more colorful. With a pet around the house, everything seems to be livelier each day.

They are just something that makes an additional family member. This is why a lot of people do not spare any cent when it comes to their pets.

Here is a list of the most expensive cat breeds all over the world:


If you want a cat that has only a little hair or maybe none at all, the perfect cat for you would be the peterbald cat. This breed of cat hailed from Russia. This is the ideal type of cat for pet owners who are not a fan of having a hairy cloth or maybe of those fur balls that is really usual when you own a cat.

There might be some variations when it comes to its price. Usually it takes somewhere in between $1700 up to $3000 varying on the cat's hair length and even its age. If you want to have a peterbald cat, then you should prepare tons of energy within because this cute pet is really hyperactive and playful. They can also be quite aggressively affectionate according to the International Cat Association.


As labelled by the Cat Fancier's Association, the fourth most popular cat breed in 2016 is the Persian cat. It also made it to our list of the most expensive cats because it is worth $1800 to $3000. If you want to have a cat that has a beautiful fur, this is the ideal type of cat breed for you. A Persian cat has a really lenghty hair and it actually has a lifespan of at least 15 years. So expect to have a long time of bonding with you furry little friend.


The maine coon cat is a type of breed which acts just like how a dog does. It is a long-haired cat which actually costs from $950 to $3500. The Cat Fancier's Association also coined the maine coon cat as the fifth most popular cat breed in 2016. It is also one od the oldest breeds that is native to North America. It is even known to be the official cat in Maine. If you are interested to have a maine coon cat, then you better prepare to carry this cute cat weighing around 23 to 28 pounds.


If you want a leopard like loof of a cat, the best type of cat for you would be the bengal cat. This type of cat breed is a hybrid of an Asian leopard. This type of cat is really expensive because of its price whish is worth $1500 to $5000. But what is amazing about bengal cats is the fact that there are also bengal cats which can be sold up to $10000. Aren't they amazing?


Now we're on to the top most expensive type of cat breed in the world. This type of cat is a cross breed between a domestic cat and an African serval. The first generation cats or the F1 cats are considered as the most expensive. While those that are under the next generations can become much cheaper. This type of cat is called Savannah cat. It ranges from $1000 up to 20,000.